Drone Surveying

Drone Surveying & Inspection

From offshore wind turbines to desert pipelines, communication towers, buildings, pylons, confined spaces, and all the nuts and bolts in between - Our drone inspections services are advanced, safe and save thousands in manual inspection fees. Our drone data analysis platform makes viewing data simple, fast and accurate, creating reports has never been more accurate or easier to perform.


High Accuracy Data Capture

We work with industry leading surveyors to ensure that our drone surveys are highly accurate and in keeping with the RICS requirements for the Measured surveys of land, buildings and utilities (3rd edition).

We can survey up to 1000ha per day and use our analytical software and tools to generate volumetric calculations accurate to within 5%. Our automated flight planning software and drones provide the surveying industry with market leading unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV systems, sensors and most importantly results.

Bespoke Applications

We understand the importance of having the capability to adjust survey solutions and produce information that the client wants. We are able to produce live streaming drone data for disaster management, emergency services, crisis, security and asset inspection, and survey.

Our viewing platform allows you to make critical decisions at ease based on real-time technical data and analysis. Working closely with industry leaders in Virtual Reality Data Capture and Video Conferencing we are able to provide an unrivalled service to suit your needs. 

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