We specialise in providing imaging and reporting services to building and real estate professionals using Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems (RPAS also known as drones). Our services include:

  • Aerial photography and videography by fully qualified pilots
  • Building and site surveys without the need for expensive scaffolding, abseiling or other plant
  • High quality imaging for reporting and documentation
  • Tailored aerial photography and videography services for various industries including television, film and advertising
  • Unique recordings for events, weddings and ceremonies
  • Drone hire

We provide a cost-effective, bespoke service which is tailored to our client’s needs.

UAV’s (Drones) What Are The Applications?

Aerial Photography

Whether you’re a home owner seeking that perfect aerial snap of your property, a business wanting some unique HD photos for a website or an estate agent looking for some quality photos displaying a property at its best. Our UAV with the industry leading gimbal technology and HD remotely controlled camera is the perfect way to get those aerial photos you have been longing.

Whatever your need for aerial UAV photography, we have the tools to shoot your subject in the most flattering and fresh perspective. Capturing stills from angles only possible with the drone.

Aerial Videography

Our drones are fitted with 4K cameras giving us the ability to capture HD Videos for any unique recordings for events, weddings and ceremonies.

Aerial Surveys & Inspections

We provide high quality HD video and images with live feedback to screens on the ground enabling high level inspections without the need for access equipment. Our drone systems create a safer working environment for all on site.

  • roof and building inspections
  • chimney inspection
  • wind turbine inspection
  • construction inspection
  • dangerous building inspection
  • emergency inspections
  • insurance claims
  • infra-red fault finding inspections – solar panels, roof leaks, heat loss etc.

Power & Utilities

We can carry out a whole range of industrial inspections such as those for required for planning surveys for solar and wind farms, pylons, power cables and pipe laying and other infrastructure parts such as wind turbine blades and bearings. The main benefit of a UAV survey is the accessibility and efficiency with which we can reach locations accompanied by the high quality of the data we can capture at a cost efficient rate.

Industrial Inspections

Our UAVs can be used to carry out a wide variety of infrastructure inspections and we can create bespoke solutions for managing assets.


We offer a wide range of pre-planning services for developers & construction clients from topographical surveys & flood risk assessments to pipeline surveys & drainage viability assessments designed to aid development & planning applications.

Promotional Aerial Photography

Our team has an excellent creative eye and is able to produce stunning aerial photography and video for a range of promotional uses.

Archaeological Surveys

UAVs are a great tool for surveying archaeological sites. Gathering images from the air can avoid the need to disturb delicate sites and enable data to be gathered from difficult to access areas. We can produce an extensive range of different data formats from the images we gather and help you to interpret the data as required.  Get in touch for more details.

Expert Witness 

Aerial photography, film and multi-spectral imaging adds context and perspective to complex legal cases. Contact us to find out more.